Product description:

We turn / mill and grind demanding materials such as Inconel, titanium, high-alloy tool steels, stainless steel and aluminium according to your specifications. Whether it concerns frames, fittings, ribs, suspensions, holders, couplings or parts for engines such as blisks, turbine casings, rings, compressor disks, blades or small parts. With our machine park, we are also able to produce large parts such as structural elements and other workpieces with high levels of complexity.

Demands placed upon the product:

High levels of precision, controlled processes with documentation that is typical for the aviation industry.

Our service:

We procure the required material, but also machine supplied cast blanks or semi-finished products and produce the required documentation, such as the first article inspection (FAI). With our quality assurance based on our experience in the aviation industry, we ensure smooth processes and flawless documentation. Our trained employees implement the customised demands in terms of the production and quality assurance.