Product description:

Indexing Gears / Indexer / Stepping Gear / Cam gears allow linear, step, pendulum, rotary and lifting movements. For all motion sequences whose prescribed cycle must be maintained quickly and precisely, stepping gearboxes are an alternative.

Demands placed upon the product:

High precision, zero backlash and long life – even over many repetitions in continous operation – are crucial in the use of stepper gearboxes.

Our service:

We develop and realize cam-controlled transmissions for applications of all kinds with the following services:

  • Calculation of the required movements
  • Optimization of existing transmissions and their movements
  • Design of the cam gears
  • Complete Production of parts and curves
  • Procurement of all parts necessary for assembly
  • Assembly of the functional modules
  • Test runs, documentation and proof of execution
  • If desired, only individual service segments of the process chain